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We are crazy about cities and about their people. We love to fall in love with places. With magical corners and unique alleyways. Like you, we love to travel and to share our experience with friends. The thrill to explore new cities and to meet new life companions, to learn new traditions and cultures, makes us feel young and free! And it makes us enjoy life and love our reality.

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The Happinets T-shirts are 100% organic cotton, because we care about the environment. Because we feel responsible of anything we do and feel! That’s why we collaborate with the Fundació Ampans, an organization that works towards the social inclusion of disabled people (www.ampans.cat), who take care of the manufacturing of our packaging.

/ Movement

We stamped on our T-shirts some of the most special places of the cities, to which we added our bike, as a symbol of our values and our personal way to look and live.

Nothing would make us happier than to see The Happinets grow into a friendly network of travelers who enjoy our spirit. You can be part of The Happinets by helping us create content for our website, our blog and our social networks profiles. Because The Happinets is a project that belongs to anybody who wishes to enjoy and to share their best experiences with us.

/ In Barcelona

Like you, we love Barcelona, a city that captivates visitors with its contrasts, from Gothic art to Catalan Modernism; with the gigantic footprints left by geniuses like Gaudí, Picasso and Miró; and, of course, with the Mediterranean Sea, the big blue that invites us all. Moreover, Barcelona is solidary and open to the world, and we are convinced that it will leave a 100% organic trace in your heart.

Do you want to see our designs?     Born, Bisbe, Mirador

100% organic





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Care for 
the environment.

Discovering new cities is always a thrilling sensation that fills us with new emotions and good vibes. Preparing the trip, the routes and the points of interest… Loads of plans to think about and decide… That’s why: Is there anything better than turning one of your memories into a piggybank to make up new experiences?

A tub which is also full of new opportunities, desires and future. And also a better future for the people in Fundació Ampans, who help us with the production and printing. Because in The Happinets we believe that new realities are possible if we build them a step at a time, together, by weaving true relationships



In this map you will find all the stores that sell our The Happinets T-shirts and feel happy :-)

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Shop 1: The Happinets | c/ Rossend Arús 11, bajos |08014 Bcn | Tel: 932 980 558

Shop 2: Kiosc Muntaner | c/Muntaner447 | 08021 Bcn |

Shop 3: Las cosas de Martínez | c/ Diluvi 5 | 08012 Bcn | +34 669 470 934

Shop 4: B de Barcelona | Av. de Gaudi 28 | 08025 Bcn |

Shop 5: Kiosc Pi | c/ Castillejos 314 | 08025 Bcn

Shop 6: Quiosc Belén | Carretera del Carmel 17 amb Mühlberg | 0832 Bcn

Shop 7: Barcelona Turisme | Catalunya Squere 17 (underground) |08002 BCN

/ Dream Team


    Marta, photographer and cofounder of the La Fotogràfica Studio. She is a mother and she’s in love with cities. «I like to discover art and its artists! I take pictures of everything I fall in love with, and I enjoy getting lost in magic hideaways.»


  • MARC

    Marc, graduate in Art History, photographer and cofounder of La Fotogràfica. «There’s nothing I like so much as a child’s smile. I am left-handed and a curious guy. I am a photographer because I like to observe. I have two children and I am a good friend of my friends. I find beauty in little things…»



    Raquel, marketing expert and executive coach. «The real value of brands is where we find the heart of its creators. My only wish: to be loved for what I am, to be remembered for what I gave.»


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Barcelona D.C office.


Carrer de Rossend Arús, 11,
08014 Barcelona

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Tel: +34 932 980 558

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